Deborah DeNicola
LIFE HAPPENS! And Then What?!?



You CAN live an extraordinary life filled with joy and excitement by learning how to release the ties that bind you to a dull, painful existence.

Have you ever felt STUCK?

Like you just can’t take it anymore?

 Where do you turn when life has handed you so much that
you just don’t know what to do?

When it gets so heavy you feel you can’t go on, where do you turn?

You have the power!

You can choose to use your circumstances to

But HOW?!?

By Allowing Your Spirit to Soar!

Allow Your Spirit to Soar

Allow Your Spirit to Soar© creates a space for you to begin healing.

When you feel like you’ve got nothing left and
no one could POSSIBLY understand,

Allow Your Spirit to Soar©

opens the doors and windows and lets in a breath of fresh air!

11 Unique Lives
11 Different Experiences
11 Transformations

In Deborah's chapter, she shares her journey of healing with dream image work, describing ways to work with dreams. Get your copy of
Allow Your Spirit to Soar now!!!


Take a walk in someone else’s shoes

It’s not that your problems don’t matter…
They do!

Each of us was chosen to be where we are
for reasons that we don’t understand until it’s all over

In Allow Your Spirit to Soar©,
you’ll hear how each of these messengers
created joy and found purpose
in the midst of pain and despair.

Each author shares an intimate look at a challenging part of his or her life and reveals the secrets of how they were able to overcome the obstacles that stood in their way!

Each has been able to turn those experiences into
Something that Allows Their Spirits to Soar!

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2 I developed the ALLOW System©, which I use every day and want to teach to the world!  Once you put this system into practice, your life becomes magical.  When you shift your thinking to that of pure positive energy, everything shifts.  It’s really that simple.  It’s us “human beings” that want to make this thing called LIFE so complicated.

Kimberly West is the Founder and Inspiration behind Allow Your Spirit to Soar, is on a Mission to bring her Message to the World!  She applies the ALLOW System in her daily life.  Once you put this system into practice, Your Life can truly become Magical! 

I describe how I truly began accepting my past when I forgave my parents, the key experience to maturity and finding oneself.  I also depict the psychological impact on the relationships if the past is not confronted and overcome.  By reading this book, you’ll be motivated to face the past and you’ll experience huge shifts in all areas of your life.

Through personal tragedy and a successful professional career Tim Kellis has solve the marriage problem by addressing relationships and marriage mentally and spiritually. Tim's approach refutes 100 years of the psychology industry's belief that men and women are driven by their biological desires.

My chapter is about healing the past through creative dream work.  I discuss the interactive process I use to reveal the meaning of a dream.  The unconscious mind is a repository for all sorts of wisdom and truth.  Dreams are free tools to greater self-knowledge when you learn how to unlock them.

Deborah DeNicola is an NEA award winning poet and interpreter of dream imagery.  Her books include Where Divinity Begins, The Future That Brought Her Here, Memoir of a Call to Awaken and Original Human.   She is also the editor of Orpheus and Company: Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology. 

The decision to pursue her dream was never easy. Facing possible divorce, rejection from family and friends, and financial ruin, Erin decided it was now or never. She chose to go for it! She learned that her fears were only as BIG as she allowed them to become. And the grass is MUCH greener on the other side.

Erin Currin is a transformational author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur with a passion for natural wellness and spiritual shift.  With a decade of experience as a spiritual teacher and leader, Erin has helped many tune in to their own, unique rhythms using her keen insight and compassionate candor. 

"I have always wondered why God allowed so many horrible things to happen to me at such a tender age. As I sat down and wrote my chapter and read it through, I realized that, as usual, He knew exactly what He was doing. He gave me the strength and courage to endure all I did. Then He gave me the gift of expression so that I could communicate my life’s experiences. As a final act of greatness, He gave me the desire to want to use my darkness to help bring others into the light.  God doesn’t make mistakes. He makes miracles in disguise".

Jessica Garcia is the founder and owner of JessElectric, Inc.  With an amazing amount of determination and overcoming great odds, she is proud to be a graduate of the 1988 class electrical journeymen.  Jessica has proven that you truly can be whatever you want by staying focused on your dream and learn to Let Go and Let God! 

I hope to inspire the reader to discover the love that they are.  I share ways to create a life worth living.  Release the negative speak from your mind!  Live Freely! ♥

Evelyn Ballin is the lead artist for The Heart Painter, Inc. She WOKE UP painting Hearts years ago to simply spread the word that… YOU are Love! She has a deep knowing that when you KNOW you are Love, All is Well. That’s why her slogan is: “Think Love ♥ Know Peace!”

Several years ago, Eddy experienced a wild rollercoaster ride that most of us cannot imagine.  After experiencing the death of his daughter, he suffered a debilitating brain hemorrhage and was expected to die.  Eddy shares his story and his vision for a happier, healthier America.

Edward Rodriguez is a public speaker and life coach who has been following his true passion of public speaking and teaching people how to rediscover their smiles.  Eddy has transformed his life through a “never give up” and “never surrender” attitude and shares his knowledge with an open heart. 

Suzanne felt she would never be able to heal her life from panic, anxiety and depression.  Her story will give you hope that “never” doesn’t exist.  At 9100 feet, Suzanne shares her journey of healing and how overcoming her greatest obstacle was the answer to re-claiming her personal power, self-love, and self respect.  You will be transformed as you summit your life through action.

Suzanne Kovi has faced many challenges in her life that have taken her from debilitating fear, pain, and guilt over the loss of a baby to reaching a dream by climbing a summit.  She uses her life changing strategies and insights to help others learn what it takes to change your life. 

In her chapter, “Groomed for Greatness,” Fran shares from her life’s hurdles and shows how she was able to translate them into life’s gifts.  As a life coach, she helps others turn what stops them from moving forward into what actually has them thrive!  If you or someone you know feels challenged in the area of business, relationships, personal development, or if you have shadows from your past still haunting you, this chapter is designed to support you.

Fran Asaro is the founder and CEO of THRIVE ANYWAY, a consulting service specializing in the areas of personal and business coaching.  Out of her own experience, Fran has become fiercely committed to living a life she loves.  She knows the possibility exists for all people to live a life filled with joy, purpose, and, most of all, passion. 

The ancient Greeks used the butterfly to refer to as the “psyche” or the “soul.”  Follow me as I share with you a butterfly journey of metamorphosis – taking my life to levels I never thought possible in a million years.  A great friend of mine once said, “Success is not a destination.  It’s a journey.”  He wasn’t kidding!  Sit back and enjoy your flight!

Sara Doctofsky is the founder and president of The PROfessional YOU, a South Florida-based company designed to bring out the PROfessional, PROactive & PROgressive in people of all ages.  She applies the “Pay It Forward” mentality and assists people in fulfilling their goals and turning their dreams into reality. 

Find out how a beautiful 2 ½ year old child taught his mother how to appreciate life and value family before fortune.  Rea how Michael and I went through challenges and found courage and strength that we didn’t know we had.  In the chapter, you’ll learn how you also can move through your challenges with courage and strength and find the light in your new life’s journey.

Once a CPA, Auditor, and Cith and School Treasurer, Nancy Pena-Brink now owns and operates a business that provides Social Media Training and Consulting.  She also hosts a successful Women’s Leadership Luncheon in Florida.  The heart-wrenching story of her son, Michael, who passed away at the age of 19 is told in this book. 


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Each story in Allow Your Spirit to Soar©
supports a step in the unique ALLOW System©
to show you how to apply the system in your life RIGHT NOW!

Accept the Past. The Key is Forgiveness!
Let Go & Let God-or Whatever You Call YOUR Higher Power!
Live Your Life IN Light, Love & a Whole Lot of Laughter!
Overcome the PPoT© Standing in the Way to Your Greatness!
Welcome Your New Life’s Journey, Thoughts & Ways of Being

By following the ALLOW System©,
you have the opportunity to take your life to a whole new level!


Get your copy of Allow Your Spirit to Soar© now for just $19.99

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Can Can

Not only do you receive this amazing book,
When you order now, you will automatically receive over $1,200 worth of Bonus goodies from our amazing authors!



Wealth and Wellness Affirmations ~ Kimberly West

Use these powerful positive affirmations and wealth affirmations every morning to generate a state of positive power and prosperity.  As a special bonus, we’re also including a beautiful poster reminding you to Allow your Spirit to Soar!  Enjoy!

$111 Value

aMen on Marriage: Setting the Foundation ~ Tim Kellis

This is a glimpse into the way men experience marriage and loving relationships.  We talk about how to create an ideal marriage.  You’ll gain insight into some of the keys to a successful relationship.

$97 Value

aCinderella Rocketing ~ Debora DeNicola

“Cinderella Rocketing” shows in detail the unraveling of an initially inscrutable dream.  Step by step, question by question, the dream, one of my own, becomes a clear, resonant message for me to take action.

$57 Value

sGiving Up or Letting Go? ~ Erin Currin

What’s the difference between Giving Up and Letting Go?  When you feel like you just can’t go on, where do you turn?  What do you do?  Erin shares with you an 11 steps designed to transform your life.  This process helps you break through your fears!  Step up to live your dreams full on today!

$197 Value

s11 Tips for Being & Saving Green ~ Jessica Garcia

Implement these 11 basic tips in your home or office and watch your electric bills go down by as much as $30 to $50 a month!

$300 Value

sHow to Glaze a Room ~ Evelyn Ballin

Transform your life by changing your wall color with this short video on how to glaze walls.  When you change the color of a room you transform the way you feel in that space.  A glaze color over an existing base coast is a simple way to change a space.  For very little money, you can make a huge impact on your life.

$150 Value

sSmile & Relax Meditation ~ Edward Rodriguez

Time for a mental vacation! Take a trip to a tropical island. Dig your toes into the sand. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face while you listen to the waterfalls. What could make you smile more than relaxation?

$15 Value

fCorageous Communication ~ Suzanne Kovi

Mastering powerful communication will transform your life.  Suzanne shares a powerful message on hour you can build your Courageous Communication muscles through a unique 11 step process.  A powerful audio and supporting sheet will be your support as you nurture, heal, and grow all your relationships.

$199 Value

hAudio Vision Board ~ Fran Asaro

Our inner dialogue is often negative and self defeating. It's impossible to thrive while beating ourselves up or looking at the dark side of life.
Fran Asaro, of Thrive Any Way Life and Business Coaching, is the creator of the Audio Vision Board. An audio vision board is just that, an audio version of your goals, visions and dreams, which you record in your own voice to play over and over to remind and manifest that which is important to you.
Fran Asaro shares with you over 300 affirmations that are designed to inspire, motivate and empower. Retrain your mind to think positive thoughts.
Just listen to the affirmations while sleeping or in the background of what you are doing. Saturate your mind with statements that are designed move you forward and see the difference it makes in your own life.

$30 Value

f11 Networking Tips ~ Sara Doctofsky

“Especially in today’s economic times, there’s a higher demand for parents to be out of the household and they don’t have the time to spend to teach today’s YOUTH life skills,” said Sara Doctofsky, founder of The PROfessional You, Inc. “Our courses give today’s youth real life experiences in a classroom setting so they can interact with their peers through hands-on activities, real life scenarios and hypothetical situations.”

$97 Value

f5 Tips to Facebook Success ~ Nancy Pena-Brink

With Painless Social Media, you’ll learn 5 tips that will help you develop a FaceBook profile that you’ll love and will help you build powerful friendships. The audio program comes with step by step screen shot slides so you know right where to go. Enjoy your time online with these simple tips today.

$47 Value

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Climb out of gloom and despair.

Break out into a world of possibility and hope!

Order your copy of Allow Your Spirit to Soar© now!

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